Summer Explorations

Become a master storyteller. Create your own clay tableware. Learn how to maintain and repair your bike. Discover life in the universe! These are just some of the learning opportunities offered during Summer Explorations at the Harvard Ed Portal! Summer Explorations programs are for Ed Portal members only. 

Learn about the Ed Portal's 2018 offerings below!

Time: Sessions run July 9 to August 3, 2018.
All Summer Explorations will be held Monday–Friday*
*Bike Workshops will be held Monday–Thursday, 9am–12pm
*ThinkerAnalytix will be held Monday–Thursday

Pick up and Drop Off: Doors open at 8:40am. Please DO NOT drop off your child prior to that time, as the Ed Portal will not be staffed. Pick up is at 12:00pm. Please arrange to have your child picked up no later than fifteen minutes after twelve.

Please indicate on your registration form, how your child will be arriving and leaving each day. If there is a change, please call the office at 617-496-5022.

Food Policy: Breakfast and a mid-morning snack will be provided. There will be a nut free snack option provided. However, please be aware that if your child has any additional food allergies, he or she should bring in a safe snack. 

Week of July 9:

1) The Art of Personal Storytelling
Everyone has a story, what's yours? Join the Harvard Ed Portal and the PRX Podcast Garage for a week-long workshop with award-winning storyteller and host of The Moth StorySLAM, Aaron Wolfe, to learn how to tell true stories from your life. You'll learn the basics of story structure, how to paint scenes with our words, and how to perform on stage in front of our peers. In the end, you'll have a stage-worthy five-minute story that you can tell over and over again. Participants will receive a $250 stipend.
For: rising 10th - 12th graders

2) ThinkerAnalytix
What knowledge and skills do you need to build a just, creative and productive community? ThinkerAnalytix summer interns will work on answering this question with peers and scholars. Our goal is to outline a multi-media, high school course in civic literacy and action. We will use segments of HarvardX online courses, ContractsX, American Government, and Justice as foundations for our research and course construction, combining fundamentals of US government structures and procedures with skills such as ethical reasoning and argument building. Our working group will study how conventional classrooms and independent, online learning combine to support content mastery. ThinkerAnalytix will run Monday through Thursday and participants will receive a $200 stipend.
For: rising 9th – 12th graders

3) Middle School Ceramics: Adventures in Tableware!
Explore the world of ceramic hand-building with instructor Jenny Blicharz. During this five-day workshop, students entering grades seven through nine will use slabs of clay to create a set of functional tableware. Utilizing slab, coil and pinch-pot construction techniques, students will make at least two plates, two bowls, and two mugs that will be finished with glaze. Participants will also explore surface decoration techniques using texture tools, sprig molds and colored slips.
For: rising 7th-9th graders

Week of July 16

4) A.R.T. Kids Company Jamboree
A.R.T. Kids Company Jamboree is a theater program for students entering grades 1-3 that unites STEM learning with creative play. Each day, we start with an established children’s story and use improv games, creative play techniques, and craft projects to act out the story LIVE!
For: rising 1st - 3rd graders

5) Current Events Club
Gain the skills you need to determine what's true or not in today's news. Students will explore and deconstruct news and develop habits to become responsible consumers and producers of media.
For: rising 6th - 8th graders

Week of July 23

6) Learn to Ride
This workshop will cover the basic maintenance that children can perform on their bike (such as inflating a tire, checking the chain, etc.) as well as basic age-appropriate safety. Children who do not know how to ride, as well as those who do know how or who may need extra support in learning how to ride independently, are welcome and encouraged to take part. There will be a limited selection of bikes available to participants who do not already own a working and correctly fitting bike.
For: rising 2nd - 5th graders

7) Life in the Universe
Consider how finding life elsewhere in the Universe might be possible and what it would mean for society with WorldWide Telescope program. Students will start with finding our place within the universe, investigate astronomy concepts, learn about the current search for exoplanets, and engage in the practice of science through asking their own questions.
For: rising 6th – 7th graders

Week of July 30

8) Bike Mechanics & Safety 101 Bike Workshop
This workshop will teach all of the basic mechanics needed to maintain and repair all of the moving parts of the bicycle to keep it running like new! Participants will also learn how to ride safely in a variety of settings such as paths, parks, and streets. The workshop is designed for children who already know how to ride a bike, however those who do not know how to ride, or who may need some practice riding independently, are welcome and encouraged to take part. There will be a limited selection of bikes available to participants who do not already own a working and correctly fitting bike. 
For: rising 4th - 6th graders

9) Leap into Literacy
In this summer exploration, rising 2nd and 3rd graders will experience the joy of reading and writing through a variety of activities that emphasize fun, social interaction, and expression — all while honing crucial literacy skills. Participants will rotate through literacy games, enjoy interactive read-alouds, and rehearse and perform a piece of "Reader's Theatre" with props and masks they create themselves. 
For: rising 2nd - 3rd graders

How to apply: The application period for summer 2018 is now closed.

Deposit: There is a $20 refundable deposit per child required to apply for the Summer Explorations program. If your child attends all sessions with no unexcused absences, your deposit will be refunded in full. Please let us know if the deposit would prevent your child from attending.  

Registration: All students need to fill out a registration form and provide all the information requested. The forms include information regarding health information (i.e. allergies), emergency contacts, and a media release.

Deadline: The application period for summer 2018 is now closed.

Who can sign up?
Any Ed Portal member (or Ed Portal eligible) who meets the age/grade requirements. Ed Portal eligible children will be required to sign up for a free Harvard Ed Portal membership.

How do I sign my child up?
The application period for summer 2018 is now closed.

How many sessions can I sign my child up for?
Identify the sessions for which your child is both eligible (based on grade) and interested in. Please identify up to two choices. All applications will be processed after the June 9th deadline. Every effort will be made to give each youth a space in his or her first or second choice program. If space allows, youth may be enrolled in a second program.