HarvardX for Allston

HarvardX for Allston is an educational initiative which brings HarvardX content and courses to the Greater Boston community by offering programs that integrate the latest in virtual education technologies with opportunities for in-person interactions and discussion.  HarvardX for Allston is part of the University’s community benefits program for the Allston-Brighton community in association with the institutional master plan for Harvard’s campus development in Allston. The program is being developed under the leadership of Robert A. Lue, faculty director for HarvardX and faculty director of the Ed Portal.


Enriched Learning Experiences

Professor Lue sees the potential for the program to serve as an “on-ramp” for individuals new to the knowledge economy and as an opportunity for community members to explore deep content from across Harvard’s schools, and engage with faculty and students.

HarvardX for Allston aims to enrich learning experiences and workforce development opportunities for Allston-Brighton residents.

Programming will include:

  • Entry-level programs focused on providing information age literacy skills;
  • Workforce and professional development programs; and
  • Academic-based programs, including lectures, presentations, study groups, and discussion forums.

Past Programs and Events

HarvardX for Allston

Conversation with Professor Elisa New- Fall 2013

In November 2013, Elisa New, Powell M. Cabot Professor of American Literature at Harvard, hosted a discussion on early New England poetry based on her HarvardX course "Poetry in America: The Poetry of Early New England." The event brought together local community members with more than 350 online students from around the world participating via a live simulcast for a conversation on poetry led by Professor New and a panel of local high school teachers and students. The HarvardX for Allston event demonstrated the opportunity that technology has to supplement learning experiences and transform in-person interactions.