Advisory Boards & Task Force

The Harvard Ed Portal is a collaboration between Harvard University, Allston-Brighton, and the greater community. Activities are guided by several Task Forces and Advisory Boards comprised of representatives from Allston-Brighton, the City of Boston, and Harvard. These groups meet several times a year to provide feedback and help shape Ed Portal programming.

Harvard Allston Task Force

A group of community members nominated by the City to help the Boston Planning and Development Agency determine appropriate strategies to mitigate the social and environmental impacts of Harvard’s institutional projects. 

Harvard Allston Task Force Members

John Bruno
John Cusack
Rita DiGesse
Paola Ferrer
Mike Hanlon
Bruce Houghton
Millie McLaughlin
Tim McHale
Brent Whelan

Harvard Ed Portal Advisory Board

The Harvard Allston Ed Portal Advisory Board consists of community members, Harvard faculty and staff, a Harvard undergraduate, and City of Boston representatives who advise the Ed Portal's Faculty Director. The Board reviews programming within the guidelines in the Cooperation Agreement, develops outreach activities, and nominates future members.

Harvard Ed Portal Advisory Board Members

Marie Ace
Keith Collar
Victoria D’Souza
Lauren Fogarty
Benjamin Franco
Mark Handley
Erica Herman
Thomas Jehn
Susan Johnson
Robert A. Lue
Conor Newman
Pia Sörensen
Maile Takahashi
Rita Vaidya

Workforce & Economic Development Advisory Board

The Workforce and Economic Development Advisory Board consists of City of Boston representatives, Harvard representatives, community and task force representatives, local businesses, and other representatives from the industry. The Board's mission is to build a coordinated effort among local businesses, nonprofits, civic leaders, and city agencies to improve the identity of the Western Avenue commercial district and strengthen the partnerships among the adult education coalition to create economic opportunity and job-readiness in a 21st century economy.

Workforce & Economic Development Advisory Board Members

Gerald Autler
John Bruno
Alex Gray
Mark Handley
Carolee Hill
Jane McHale
Conor Newman
Trihn Nguyen
Michele Rocray
Maile Takahashi

Harvard Allston Partnership Fund Advisory Board

The Harvard Allston Partnership Fund provides $100,000 annually to support programs and neighborhood improvements proposed by not-for-profit agencies and community-based organizations that serve the North Allston area. The Advisory Board supports the program’s outreach to the community, reviews all funding proposals submitted by community organizations, and provides a formal recommendation for the distribution of each year’s annual allocation.

Harvard Allston Partnership Fund Advisory Board Members

Gerald Autler
John Bruno
Daniel Daly
Julia Eskew
Mark Handley
Wayne MacKenzie
Conor Newman
Karen Smith
Lisa McDonough, Grants Manager