Monday Job Seekers Connection: Own Your Story and Tell It With Confidence


Monday, July 11, 2022, 11:00am to 12:30pm


Online (Zoom)

Join other job seekers each week for mutual support, encouragement, inspiration, and empowerment in your job search. Job Seekers Connection energizes and motivates participants by teaching valuable career search strategies and techniques.

This Week's Guest Facilitator: Trisha Griffin-Carty, Storyfinder, Speaker, Presentation Coach
Topic: Own Your Story and Tell It with Confidence

Today, hiring managers are not only interested in what you have done—work history, education, associations—but also who you are. In this atmosphere, everything counts. How you describe your accomplishments as you present yourself in an interview or on social media is key to getting noticed and hired.

This workshop will focus on what you bring to the job by exploring your career story and identifying both accomplishments and statements that reflect who you are: your background, style, and personality both in-person and on your LinkedIn profile.

Join this session and learn how to do the following:

  • Move beyond your job title

  • Share what you bring to the table

  • Deliver your message with confidence

About Trisha Griffin-Carty:
Stories have always played an important role in Trisha Griffin-Carty's life and career. One of her earliest memories is being reprimanded for talking too much and "telling stories out of school" about her family to neighbors, teachers and pretty much anyone else who would listen.

During her first career as a teacher, Griffin-Carty worked with students to help them tell their own stories in essays, college applications and presentations.

Her move into the world of business and consulting opened up new possibilities in her role as a facilitator, communications coach and speaker. She founded Griffin-Carty Communications, and organizations such as State Street, Boston College and Hancock Financial asked her to work with their employees to sharpen communication and presentation skills

While working as a consultant with a career management firm, Griffin-Carty noticed that many of her clients in career transition were simply repeating the bullet points on their resumes during high stakes interviews. As an alternative, Griffin-Carty created Turning Accomplishments into Stories, a workshop for senior and mid-level executives. This approach encouraged participants to "bring themselves" to the conversation by telling concise, relevant stories, highlighting their career achievements. Happily, participants reported that using stories in their interviews was often the "tipping point" in securing the new job. From that time on, incorporating storytelling into business conversations became her signature work.

Today, as a self-proclaimed “storyfinder,” Griffin-Carty coaches individuals on every aspect of storytelling: from selecting the "right" topic, to honing delivery skills. Believing that the most effective stories come from daily life and personal experiences, Griffin-Carty encourages her clients to speak in their own voices, as they identify, craft and share stories that advance their careers and build their businesses. Her favorite question is, "What’s your story?"