Making Career Transitions: Communicate Your Value & Professional Identity


Thursday, May 19, 2022, 12:00pm to 1:30pm


Online (Zoom)

How do you describe what you do so you don't sound like everyone else with the same job title? In today's workforce, knowing who you are, how to differentiate yourself, and how to explain your value are critical—whether you’re going for a promotion or ready for your next career step.

If your go-to response is, "I wear a lot of hats," this workshop will change that. Through a research-based process, you'll build your awareness of your professional identity (hint: it's not your former job title), and align your skills, strengths, and passions with who you really are. By the end, you'll see how to apply this to professional settings like networking, LinkedIn, website bios, resumes, and more so you can effectively communicate your value and attract career opportunities that fit you.

We suggest you watch Dr. Sarabeth Berk's TEDx Talk before attending the workshop.