Artist Pipeline Program

The Artist Pipeline Program is a program to cultivate Allston-Brighton artists learning to build a sustainable arts future. Through workshops, resources, and short-term projects, a small cohort of artists gain boots-on-the-ground skills, get individualized support for their self-identified goal or challenge, work towards an engagement opportunity at Harvard, and earn a certificate of completion. This free program is a self-directed artist development opportunity that includes access to Harvard Ed Portal and Harvard University resources and culminates in a capstone project or short-term paid gig.

Program Overview

In February 2022, the Harvard Ed Portal launched a pilot of the Artist Pipeline Program for early to mid-career artists across diverse backgrounds and mediums who live and/or work in the Allston-Brighton neighborhood. Participants spend approximately 12 hours per month (February–June) learning independently, with industry experts, and in a small cohort of peers mentored by Ed Portal staff and outside co-facilitators. Upon completion, they have up to a year to complete a project or engagement opportunity of their choosing at Harvard with support from the Ed Portal.

2022 Artist Cohort

Deborah Johnson portrait

Deborah Johnson

Deborah Johnson is a queer Indian-American artist, yoga teacher, and social work student dedicated to the intersection of community, politics, and art.

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Nina Bhattacharya portrait

Nina Bhattacharya

Nina Bhattacharya is a multidisciplinary collage artist designing for connection and care across disciplines and communities.

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Erin Jackson portrait

Erin Jackson

Erin Jackson is a Boston-based Visual Artist and Art Educator whose work focuses on the relationship between curated environments and the audience.

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Gustavo Barceloni headshot

Gustavo Barceloni

Gustavo Tavares Barceloni is a Brazilian-American ceramic artist promoting working class power through illustrative tableware, installations, and community-based projects. His activism and art is dedicated towards securing a future free from capitalism.

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Greg Marquis headshot

Greg Marquis

Greg Marquis (aka Marquis Lavoie) is a Boston-based musician and activist whose two main acts illustrate the dynamic dichotomy of his stylistic range as a singer, songwriter, and performer—from the cathartic screaming of post-hardcore band Actor Observer to the delicate finger-picking and crooning of his solo indie folk act Marquis Lavoie.

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Grace Givertz headshot

Grace Givertz

With a large voice packed into a tiny body, Grace Givertz is a multi-instrumentalist who uses her honest lyrics to bring a refreshing sound to folk.

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Headshots by Mel Taing

2022 Guest Presenters

Alison Tanenhaus

Public Art and Collaboration

Shey Rivera

Finance for Creatives

Daniel Callahan

Marketing Your Authentic Self

Arts Connect International

Cultural Equity

Maria Finkelmeier

Hack Your Creative Brand
Public Art and Collaboration

Eva Rosenberg

Navigating Resources

Co-Facilitators 2022

In partnership with Arts Connect International, a Boston-based organization that builds equity and inclusion in and through the arts. Their ultimate goal is creative justice.

Zakiyyah Sutton Headshot

Zakiyyah Sutton
Co-Director of Creative Disruption

Zakiyyah is an artist-activist who utilizes music and visual media to explore themes that centralize marginalized communities. Through Arts Connect International, she shares her expertise with organizations whose platforms and influence give them the power to transform the realm of racial justice.

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Headshot by Sara Espinosa

Alyssa Liles-Amponsah headshot

Alyssa Liles-Amponsah
Co-Director of (re)Framing

Alyssa is a Visual Artist who currently works as Director of Community Engagement and Inclusion at Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. Additionally, Alyssa is a consulting Director with Arts Connect International where she supports initiatives to create more equity in the arts and culture field. Alyssa's studio is located in the BOK building in Philadelphia, PA.

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Special thanks to Blair Benjamin, J. Cottle, Molly Rideout, Eva Rosenberg, Gabriel Sosa, Rhea Vedro, Abdul-Razak Mohammed Zachariah and all of the local artists and arts administrators who consulted with us to develop this pilot.
Group photos by Aram Boghosian, featuring FREQUENCIES by Maria Finkelmeier and Allison Tanenhaus.