Fall Film Festival

Join the Harvard Ed Portal for a fall film festival featuring three documentaries: "Finding Babel," "American Beatboxer" and "Jewel's Catch One."

"Finding Babel"
Thursday, October 9, 7:00pm
Haunting animations, candid encounters, and a rare glimpse at the KGB archives resurrect a lost literary hero for the twenty-first century.
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"American Beatboxer"
Friday, October 20, 7:00pm
American Beatboxer depicts the first-ever American Beatbox Championship, with the film portraying the artistry and dedication of the eight finalists.
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"Jewel's Catch One"
Tuesday, November 7, 7:00pm
Jewel's Catch One celebrates the legacy of a legendary Los Angeles nightclub, Catch One, and the life-changing impact its owner had on her community.
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