Spring Arts Workshops

Upcoming Spring Arts Workshops

May 18, 10:00am-12:00pm

1. DIY Galaxy T-Shirts
Age Group: 6th-8th Grade

Students in 6th-8th grade, join us for a fun, do it yourself—DIY—workshop on making galaxy t-shirts! You'll learn how to make your own galaxy t-shirt, which you can take home at the end of the workshop. We'll also talk about our “guiding stars” (ie. role models) and explore what makes us shine as leaders and friends.

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2. Hacker Creations
Age Group: 3rd-5th Grade

In this workshop, students in 3rd-5th grade will make a 3D mosaic using recycled paper and computer parts! All the parts have been chosen with children in mind and are made from plastic, rubber and metal. Through observation, imagination, and experimentation, we will learn about patterns, contrasting shapes and colors, and layering in order to make an eye-popping creation!

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Past Spring Arts Workshops

1. Dots! Lines! Actions!
Age Group: 1st-3rd grade

Join the Ed Portal and artist Ashleigh Bartlett for “Dots! Lines! Action!”, a creative art class for students in first through third grade. 

Through painting, drawing, ripping, and cutting, participants will create an abstract collage, followed by a painting inspired by their collage. With an emphasis on color, process and materials, participants will explore playful and collaborative approaches in painting and drawing. Explore the possibilities of mark-making, abstraction, and collage to create unexpected visual outcomes.

2. Mosaic Mirror
Age Group: 3rd-5th grade

Learn how to work with mosaics and make a mirror that reflects your creative personality at the Ed Portal’s workshop, “Mosaic Mirror!” In collaboration with artist Yetti Frenkel, this hands-on arts workshop will teach third through fifth grade students about the mosaic-making process and give them the opportunity to design and decorate their own mosaic mirror.

3. Mini Matinees
Age Group: 6th-8th grade

Get front row seats to the best show in town: yours!

Join the Harvard Ed Portal for an afternoon of collaboration and theater as you create your own Mini Matinee! 6th-8th grade students are invited to join us for games and ensemble-building before performing your newly created work. Students of any experience level are welcome to participate in this free workshop!

4. Treasures and Tales
Age Group: 4th-5th grade

Explore fantastic paintings and stories from folk tales and fairy tales, then imagine new ideas and endings for them!

In partnership with Courtney Lee Weida and Dr. Carlee Bradley, join the Ed Portal for Treasures and Tales! In this interactive art workshop, 4th-5th grade students will explore themes in folk tales and fairy tales, then write and illustrate accordion books with their own magical stories. They will also learn to create symbol stone paintings and decorate gems with interesting words.