Become a Harvard Ed Portal Mentor

Each semester, between 25 and 30 Harvard College undergraduate students serve as Mentors at the Harvard Ed Portal at 224 Western Avenue in Allston.  Under the direction of Faculty Director Professor Robert A. Lue, and the Assistant Director for Socially Engaged Learning, Susan L. Johnson, Mentors fulfill an important community outreach role by working with Allston-Brighton children and teens from of a variety and backgrounds, encouraging their exploration of science, writing, public speaking, math, technology and the arts in both one- on-one and club settings.Image of Ed Portal Mentors

Mentors are committed to the vision of the Ed Portal as a community of learning without limits, and strive to instill in local youth the understanding that learning is a lifelong endeavor, making a difference in the lives of students who struggle in school, and offering inspiration and enrichment to all students.  In addition, Mentors represent Harvard University to its host communities and take part in shaping curricula.

Undergraduate Mentors comprise a thoughtful, creative and dedicated community from across all concentrations, focused both on serving their mentees and developing themselves as better educators, community leaders and communicators. Mentors are asked to contribute regularly to Canvas discussion forums and submit critically reflective writing about their experiences. Upon completion of their responsibilities, Mentors receive an award stipend of $1000 for the semester.

The Harvard Ed Portal is an innovative collaborative partnership involving Harvard University, the City of Boston, the Harvard Allston Task Force, and the Allston-Brighton community. Located at the crossroads of the North Allston-Brighton neighborhood and Harvard’s campus, the Ed Portal serves as a physical place for members of the Allston- Brighton and Harvard communities to come together to share ideas and learn from one another. The Ed Portal fosters innovative ways of learning and provides programming in creative and performing arts; science and technology; wellness and recreation; and economic, workforce, and professional development for learners of all ages. 

The Harvard Ed Portal is pleased to announce a call for applications to become a Harvard Ed Portal Mentor in Fall 2017 and Spring 2018.

Photo of Ed Portal Mentors

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