HarvardX for Allston: HeroesX Allston Dialogue Sessions

What does it mean to be human? What did it mean to worship a hero? Participants explored the unique meaning of "hero" in ancient Greece and how it enriches our understanding of what it means to be human today.  Coinciding with the HarvardX online educational project "The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours," also known as "HeroesX," participants were introduced to the joy of reading ancient literature, and to seeing those ancient themes reflected in the works of our own time. 

HarvardX for Allston Series

The Ed Portal hosted a public lecture with Professor Gregory Nagy and in-person dialogue sessions using materials from HeroesX.  Professor Nagy's lecture was simulcast live to participants around the world to engage in the discussion with attendees and add diverse cultural perspectives to the dialogue.

The in-person discussion groups were led by a Harvard course teaching fellow.  This program was appropriate for the casually interested, to literary enthusiasts, to Greek history buffs. No previous knowledge of Greek history, literature, or language is expected.

Professor Nagy's dialogue with community members on "Heroes in Tragedy" given at the Ed Portal on Nov. 10.