Harvard Allston Workforce Collaborative

The Harvard Allston Workforce Collaborative offers Allston-Brighton residents a series of computer classes for active job seekers at no cost. All classes are held at the Josephine A. Fiorentino Community Center, located at 123 Antwerp St. in Brighton. Classes are held in the morning and evening and tutorials are available in the afternoon and evening.

El Colaborativo Laboral Harvard Allston ofrece varias clases de la computación a los residentes de Allston-Brighton quienes buscan trabajo sin costo ninguno. Las clases se llevan a cabo al centro comunitario Josephine A. Fiorentino. Se da las clases por la mañana y la tutoría está disponible por la tarde.

Talk to us today about what options are available for you. For more information, contact Meghan Bea at meghan_bea@harvard.edu.

Hable con nosotros hoy mismo sobre las opciones que están disponibles para usted. Para más información contacte a Meghan Bea por correo electrónico: meghan_bea@harvard.edu.

Course Descriptions:

Basic Computer Skills for Job Seekers
Fridays 9:00 – 11:00am

This class is designed for students with very limited or no previous computer experience. Students will be introduced to keyboarding, email, Microsoft Office 2010 programs, job searching on the Internet, using flash-drives and file management.  Students are given the opportunity to work with instructors on job searching skills and creating a resume and cover letter. 

One on One Sessions with a Computer Instructor
Tuesdays 5:00 – 7:00pm
Fridays 11:00 – 1:00pm

The Harvard Allston Workforce Collaborative is offering Allston-Brighton residents free computer tutoring services.  Students have the opportunity to meet one on one with a computer teacher for one hour sessions.  Residents can sign up to receive help with their smart phone, tablet, laptop or other technical questions. Sessions are held in the computer lab at the Josephine A. Fiorentino Community Center.

Intermediate Computer Skills for Job Seekers
Wednesdays 6:00 - 8:00pm

This class is designed to help students look for sustainable jobs and build employability skills.  Strengthening Microsoft Office 2010 computer skills and working through the job search process helps participants develop new competencies and gain confidence when applying for jobs.

  • Microsoft Word: writing cover letters and resumes tailored for specific job postings
  • Excel: developing job seeking activity tracking sheets, creating budgets, identifying employment trends
  • PowerPoint: creating and presenting a presentation about an employer, organization or school they are interested in working for.
  • Additional skills include: Internet research, job searching skills, on-line applications, business writing (via e-mail), file management and interviewing