Secure and Effective Remote Learning with Joseph Blatt & Harvard IT


Wednesday, September 23, 2020, 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Online via Zoom

The shift to remote learning has led to new questions around digital safety for our families. What are the longer-term effects of extended screen-time on our families and students at home? How can we use technology tools as effectively as possible to keep our students safe? What are best practices to keep our family’s online information secure?

To help ease your concerns in a friendly and approachable way, our expert panel—including Faculty Director of the HGSE Technology, Innovation, and Education Program Joseph Blatt and Harvard University IT Program Manager for Training and Development Bailey Andrews, Information Security Awareness Officer Micah Nelson, and Information Security Engineer Louw Smith—will answer your questions and provide insight on how to best support students to learn safely from home. We will cover everything from Zoom meeting and device security, to promoting safe online behavior for children, to identifying potential cyber threats.

Bring your questions and concerns and share your experiences with our experts. They’ll help you feel empowered to keep your family safe and engaged when learning online.