Monday Job Seekers Connection: Visualizing 2021


Monday, January 11, 2021, 11:00am to 12:30pm


Online via Zoom

Each year the Monday Job Seekers Connection pauses to visualize our professional goals for the upcoming year by creating a vision board. We look forward to this tradition each year when we build our boards and break bread together. We have decided that despite the pandemic we will continue this tradition online.

The process of using our creativity to visualize our goals allows us to remove all the emotion surrounding negativity, and instead, place our attention on actions that will enable us to achieve personal and professional success. It requires you to want something, perceive it, and believe in it. Over time, the process and energy you put into visualizing the future will begin to shift your life in a positive direction.

A vision board is a personalized collage of symbolic images, text, various materials and pictures that represent what you envision for the upcoming year. It is a creative and meditative process that attracts what we want to accomplish. Over the holiday break, we would like you to develop a vision board focused on your professional goals and bring it to the Monday Job Seekers Connection to share in small groups. This will help you commit to your goals and network with others. See vision board ideas below.

Instructions on how to create your vision board using various computer programs or on paper are provided in the registration confirmation. You are welcome to enjoy your lunch during this session. We look forward to seeing you in 2021 when we will start our year in a positive and fun way.


Please complete your vision board in advance of our meeting.

Options for building a vision board

Create a physical vision board

  • Use a piece of poster board or heavy stock paper. You determine the size of your collage.

  • Cut out and glue or tape images, pictures, text or other materials to the poster. You can source these from magazines, clip art, the internet, other written materials and bits of things around your house. Use your artistic talent to draw on the board or decorate it. If you chose this method please take a picture that you can share.

Create a digital vision board
The following websites offer free blank templates to create your vision board. The licensed pictures, images and sounds do have a cost so look for the free ones or upload your own. Your vision board can be saved to your computer.

  • Canva

    • These YouTube  videos provide instructions on how to use the program

  • Picmonkey

    • These videos provide instructions on how to use the program

  • PowerPoint and Google Slides are other great options.