Crossings Gallery & Other Exhibitions

Crossings Gallery: Where Arts and Learning Meet in Allston


The Harvard Ed Portal Crossings Gallery displays projects from Harvard and Allston-Brighton artists. Stop by the Ed Portal to see this exciting and distinctive space! 


Public gallery hours:
Monday through Thursday 10:00am to 7:00pm and Friday from 10:00am to 5:00pm.


Ongoing Exhibitions


La Meta
Through February 21

Beyond the headlines and rhetoric, millions of migrant laborers plant, tend, and harvest our food. La Meta, roughly translated as “goal,” “purpose,” and “home,” is an honest portrait of those striving in the shadows for life’s most basic successes: to live, to provide, and to thrive. Photojournalist and Nieman Fellow Samantha Appleton is known for her work covering conflicts around the world and serving as an official White House photographer for President Barack Obama. In this exhibition, she revisits an ongoing project that has taken on new meaning and urgency.

Exhibition Reception: January 17, 5:00pm-7:00pm


Other Exhibitions


Paul Deo Mural

Through May 2019

Since the fall semester, Harlem-based artist Paul Deo has been working with Harvard and Allston-Brighton students to create a unique mural combining his signature bright colors and Afrofuturistic style with inspiration from Allston's history and culture. 


Past Exhibitions


Hand in Hand, Michael Dowling and Medicine Wheel ProductionsGrass Land: Nexus of the Living World, Saad Amer, Harvard College
The Context of Community, Unbound Visual Arts
Summer Mentoring Exhibition, Harvard Ed Portal Mentoring Program
Tangible Things, Professor Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, PhD. candidate, Christopher Allison, and community members
Life-Changing Art: Featuring Local Homeless and Disabled Artists, ArtLifting
Allston Arts District Open Studio Summary Exhibition, Allston Open Studios
Face Off: Paintings and Interactive Totems, Deborah Putnoi
Religious Literacy: Experiences and Perspectives, Harvard Divinity Professor Diane Moore
Motion and Matter: Kim Bernard, Artist-in-Residence, Harvard Department of Physics
Happy Birthday Venus!Konstantin Simun, Allston-based Sculptor
Temptation of the Mind and Body, Unbound Visual Arts
Changing Allston, Curated by Eva Payne
Refugee Crisis, Nieman Fellow Maciek Nabrdalik
Made in Allston: The Sculptor’s Workshop, Ten local artists, Allston Open Studios

Matter of Intention, Chloe DuBois and Renée Silva

In Over My Head, Thalassa Raasch