Harvard Allston Partnership Fund

The Harvard Allston Partnership Fund (HAPF) was created by Harvard and the City of Boston, in collaboration with the Allston-Brighton community, to support neighborhood improvement projects, cultural enrichment, and educational programming in North Allston-Brighton. The program awards $100,000 in grants each year.

Since its creation in 2008, HAPF has provided $1,000,000 in grants to 32 different nonprofits, supporting programs for more than 5,000 Allston-Brighton residents.

2017 Recipients

HAPF Advisory Board

The Harvard Allston Partnership Fund Advisory Board, a group of voting community leaders and non-voting representatives from Harvard and the City of Boston, reviews all applications and recommends awards.

Advisory Board Members:

John Bruno - Allston resident; Member of the Harvard Allston Task Force
Daniel Daly - Allston resident
John Eskew - Allston resident
Wayne MacKenzie - Allston resident
Karen Smith - Allston resident
Gerald Autler - Boston Planning & Development Agency
Warren O'Reilly, Office of Neighborhood Services
Mark Handley - Director of Government and Community Relations, Harvard
Maile Takahashi - Director of Community Programming, Harvard
Lisa McDonough, Grants Manager

Partnership Fund grants recipients to date:


Application Process and Request for Proposals

The application process for the tenth round of Harvard Allston Partnership Fund grant award funding is now closed.  

Please email hapfund@gmail.com with questions, for more information, or if you cannot attend a Technical Assistance Session.


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